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What were the top 5 stories at during August?

  • End-of-life PV: then what? - Recycling solar PV panels

Solar energy is regarded as a green technology, but what happens to solar panels once they reach the end of their lifetime? Renewable Energy Focus' Kari Larsen investigates.

  • Comment: It is time to cool it with wind, by Doug Houseman, Capgemini

At every meeting I attend the wind advocates complain that the utilities do not understand the importance of wind to the economy and climate change. They focus on the fact that they are the most commercially viable clean energy source available today. That the industry needs them and that the wind machines are very reliable. In all cases they are right, but it is time for them to cool it.

  • India plans massive increase in solar energy

India is targeting 20GW of solar power as part of its climate and energy strategy.

  • Solar thermal – thriving in the shadows?

Solar thermal heating and cooling attracts less media attention and R&D funding than the more glamorous "high-tech" solar PV. Yet, this low profile player dominates the solar renewables market, accounting for 84%- as opposed to solar PV's 14%- according to Jes Donneborg, ceo of Denmark's Arcon Solvarme A/S. How can this be so and what are the prospects for solar thermal now?

  • Highlights of India's 20 GW solar energy plans

India has launched a major solar initiative - the National Solar Plan: Renewable Energy Focus' India correspondent sets out the highlights.



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