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Siemens breaks ground on new remote diagnostics center for wind turbines

Denmark-based facility will have the capacity to provide advanced diagnostic operations and monitoring services for more than 7,500 installed Siemens wind turbines worldwide.

Upon completion, which is scheduled for autumn 2014, the 1,400 square-meter facility will be one of the most advanced wind turbine remote diagnostics service (RDS) centers in the world, according to Torben Bang, head of Siemens Wind Power Service. 

The RDS gives Siemens the ability to analyze the data collected to draw trends on individual turbines as well as the overall fleet. The results contribute to enhanced current and future designs and improves existing turbine performance over the long term, thereby lowering the cost of energy.

"Our highly advanced, industry-leading RDS operations enable us to support those efforts by monitoring our global Siemens fleet 24/7/365 and flagging potential issues before they become serious," Bang explained. "Remote diagnostics is a key component of a smarter and integrated service approach that helps our customers lower the overall cost of energy." 

Remote diagnostics is an important part of Siemens' portfolio of value-added services. Monitoring experts can solve more than 85 percent of all alarms remotely without a service team doing trouble-shooting onsite. Reduced downtime and lower number of turbine visits result in a higher energy output. With vibration diagnostics Siemens can find even the smallest indicator that something may not be operating normally and follow up by recommending proactive solutions before the issue becomes serious.

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