BISOL Group installs 2MW PV system in Kazakhstan

Ground-mounted solar power plant is the largest photovoltaic system in the country, according to BISOL Group.

The new solar power plant is located in the city of Kapchagay in the Almaty Province. The Kapchagay power plant will help cover the increasing energy demands in the Almaty Province. The location is optimal for harvesting solar energy, given the fact that the South-East region of Kazakhstan experiences on average 300 days of sunlight per year.

The 2 MW solar system is partially constructed on fixed ground mounted support structure with a total power of 1.4 megawatts, while the remaining 600 kilowatts is mounted on dual axis solar trackers. With an expected energy yield of 1,258 kWh/kW for the fixed part and 1,488 kWh/kW for the trackers, the PV system is expected to produce 2.67 gigawatt hours of electricity each year, covering the energy demand of over 667 households and saving more than 1,602 tons of CO2 annually. According to BISOL Group, it is the only photovoltaic power plant partially constructed on solar trackers.

The project was commissioned by Samruk-Energo, Kazakhstan’s power company, as a pilot project to encourage the use of solar energy in the country’s energy mix. Based on previous experience with complex large-scale installations in other countries, BISOL Group was contracted as the EPC partner to deliver the turn-key PV system, including designing the power plant, procuring all necessary components and services from the local subcontractors and providing extensive training to Samruk Green’s operation and maintenance department responsible for managing the PV plant operation after the completion of the project.



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