REpower announces name change

Hamburg-based manufacturer of wind turbines will now be known as Senvion SE.

The company had been using the name REpower under licence since 2001; the rights belong to a
Swiss company that is now using this name itself.

In light of the new "Senvion" name, the entire external corporate design of the Hamburg-based company has been changed. Like the green colour scheme of the new logo, the elements of the name Senvion refer to the company’s renewable energy operations: the "S" stands for the sustainability of its products; "EN" stands for energy; "VI" representing vision; and "ON" for being switched on.

“In addition to having unique products and services, we are now also the only company with this name," said Andreas Nauen, CEO of Senvion SE. "As Senvion, we will continue along our path as a strong and innovative brand in the wind energy industry.”

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