The Switch outdoor inverter commissioned for Indian solar power plant

1 MW single module PVI 1000 solar inverter chosen for Ultra Cosmic Solar Energy.

The Switch PVI 1000 solar inverter series features a totally sealed power and controls enclosure section rated IP65/NEMA 4. The inverter panels are installed outdoors on a simple concrete foundation. The inverters have a built-in, totally self-contained cooling system with no need for external cooling water or refrigerant. To that end, it is self-sustained; no site plumbing or external auxiliary power supply is required.

Mr. Ravi R S, director of SJ Renewables -- which is both the developer and the EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) contractor for this plant --said the primary reason for choosing The Switch PVI 1000 is because it is an outdoor solution and requires no additional buildings with its integrated cooling system. "We also expect low maintenance costs and very reliable operations," he added.

While conceding India is a "challenging market," C. Sundar, country manager for The Switch in India, said the  the features of The Switch PVI 1000 inverter fit very well. “In addition to the reliability and simplified installation, the fault ride-through and grid support capabilities are very valuable in locations where the grid is weak."  

Sundar also addressed the importance of providing equipment for new players such as Ultra Cosmic Solar Energy, especially given the facdt that it is Tamil Nadu's first solar power plant. “We have now established our local service resources to support our various renewable energy installations in India,” Sundar explained.  

Moving forward, The Switch said it has big plans to expand its solar inverter, wind converter and permanent magnet generator business in India by working with local partners for manufacturing.



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