OYA Solar commissions first phase of 3.5 MW PV plant in Canada

Featuring 2,244 solar modules and over 30 tons of steel tubing, the project is the country's largest rooftop PV plant.

The project was developed in conjunction with Atlas, North America’s largest independent manufacturer of hollow structural steel sections. The 718.08 kW solar plant, which spans over nearly 120,000 square feet of roof top space (roughly 7 hockey rinks), is located at Atlas, a division of JMC Steel Group located in Harrow, Ontario.

When completed, the urrently, the rooftop solar installation will supply enough electricity to power 60 homes for a whole year, with an annual power output of 897,128 kWh. What's more, according to Manish Nayar, managing partner of OYA, the plant will offset more than 420 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of planting over 25,000 trees.

“This solar PV plant showcases how traditionally energy intensive industries can make sustainable choices for their energy consumption and still benefit the bottom line," Nayar said. "We foresee the market for rooftop solar growing significantly across North America as commercial and industrial clients see the economic and environmental benefits of moving towards sustainable energy solutions." 


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