NREL Expert Honoured for Energy Systems Innovations

Dr Ben Kroposki, director of Energy Systems Integration at NREL, has been recognised for his leadership in renewable and distributed energy systems integration in the electric power sector.

Dr Kroposki conducted original research that led to several IEEE standards in photovoltaic performance and reliability. He also led several efforts with IEEE interconnection standards and chaired IEEE 1547.4, which was the first international standard on microgrids.

At NREL, Kroposki leads NREL's strategic research efforts in the design and performance optimisation of energy systems at all scales. His expertise is in the design and testing of renewable and distributed power systems and grid integration.

In 2007, Dr Kroposki was asked by the Energy Department to lead a study that examined the state of technical and analytical challenges that must be addressed to enable high penetration levels of distributed renewable energy technologies. The study, called "Renewable System Interconnection," consists of 15 reports that address a variety of issues related to distributed systems technology development, advanced distribution systems integration, technical and market analysis, regulatory implementation and more.

Dr Kroposki has also been directly involved with IEEE publications and serves on the editorial boards of both IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics and IEEE Transactions of Sustainable Energy. In fact, he was recently named 2014 IEEE Fellow -- the highest grade of membership.

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