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ASD solar storage system awarded innovation prize

ASD Automatic Storage Device has received a German Renewables Award 2013 for its ASD Sonnenspeicher solar energy storage system.

ASD's storage system, which won Innovative Product of the Year, is able to charges batteries even when the photovoltaic system is producing as little as one watt of energy. The device is connected to all three phases and supplies solar power to the entire building. If the storage system is supplying enough solar energy, the entire building is disconnected from the power grid. In the event of a power cut, all appliances in the building continue to function without interruption, instead of being turned off for seconds or minutes at a time. The system differs from other lithium-ion storage systems due to its lithium iron phosphate battery technology, which has improved safety.

“The ASD solar storage system sets new standards by storing solar energy much more efficiently,” said Prof Dr Andreas Reuter, director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES). It eases the burden on the grid and uses intelligent power management to maximize on-site consumption. The system therefore has the potential to significantly help Germany and other countries reach their energy policy goals."

The German Renewables Award was presented in Hamburg by the Renewable Energy Hamburg Cluster (EEHH), an industry network with around 180 members. 


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