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  • UK to spend £1m on geothermal heat
    The UK Government has injected £1 million into the Deep Geothermal Energy Fund for companies seeking to generate energy from deep geothermal heat.
  • UK geothermal plant given green light
    What could be the UK’s first commercial deep geothermal power plant has been given planning permission by Cornwall Council.
  • DoE: US$50m for geothermal heat pumps
    US Energy Secretary Steven Chu has announced nearly US$50 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to advance commercial deployment of the renewable heating and cooling systems, geothermal heat pumps.
  • President Obama: US$467m for geothermal and solar energy
    President Obama has pledged over US$467 million from the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act to expand and accelerate the development, deployment, and use of geothermal and solar energy throughout the USA.
  • Solar and geothermal cheaper than coal and nuclear by 2025
    Coal and nuclear power could cost 30% more per year by 2025 than energy from concentrating solar and hot dry rock geothermal power, according to DESERTEC-Australia.
  • Investing in geothermal
    Until recently, most investors have largely ignored geothermal technology. But in the past two to three years, investor interest in geothermal technology is finally catching on – with increased recognition of the huge potential to be tapped. Kai Sametinger of forseo GmbH asks what has triggered this new interest surrounding the art of investing in geothermal.
  • Geothermal energy in East Africa
    Geothermal energy generation in Africa could take a leap forward in 2009 after exploratory studies in Kenya “exceeded all expectations”, according to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Global Environment Facility (GEF).


Geothermal heat pumps capacity to grow by nearly 150 per cent by 2020

The worldwide installed capacity of geothermal heat pump (GHP) systems will grow by nearly 150 percent over the next 7 years, from 52.7 GW) to 127.4 GWt, says a new report.

GHP systems harness moderate and constant temperatures just below the Earth’s surface. Despite recent setbacks in deployments in many parts of the world due to the economic downturn, the future looks bright for the worldwide GHP market, says the report, “Geothermal Heat Pumps”, from Navigant Research.

“The renewable energy policies that led to strong growth in the GHP market in the last decade are still in place, and will drive expansion as the global economy improves,” says Mackinnon Lawrence, principal research analyst with Navigant Research. “Although their overall penetration remains low, GHP installations are gaining traction in both the construction industry and the regulatory environment, and this high-efficiency technology will likely play a larger role in both new build and retrofit projects going forward.”

In some ways, the fortunes of the GHP market are tied to that of the housing market: As the number of housing starts increases, so do the opportunities for installers and engineers of GHP systems to deploy their technology. Yet, a number of factors affect a homeowner’s or residential developer’s decision to deploy GHPs in a project, including quality of construction, construction budget, ease of getting a loan, and importance of green image. Thus, while the rate of housing starts has grown steadily over the last 2 years, the rate of GHP deployments has not kept pace, the report concludes.


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