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First Solar builds 550 MW of solar PV for SCE

First Solar will build two thin-film solar photovoltaic (PV) projects totalling 550 MW with an annual output of 1.2 TWh for Southern California Edison (SCE) in Southern California.

The projects are the 250 MW thin-film solar PV Desert Sunlight near Desert Center, and the 300 MW thin-film solar PV Stateline in north-eastern San Bernardino County.

The solar projects are subject to approval by the California Utilities Commission. First Solar says construction is scheduled for 2012 for the Stateline project and 2013 for the Desert Sunlight project. Completion of the thin-film solar PV projects is scheduled for 2015.

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Kari Williamson, Assistant Editor said

27 August 2009
That was indeed a typo. Well spotted and thanks for the feedback - it has now been corrected.

cirrus said

27 August 2009
Our company is looking intently at thin film. The article states that the 550MW PV will generate 12.6 TWh annually. Is this correct or just some typo error?

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