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  • Air Liquide installs first fuel cell on isolated site in Belgium
    Air Liquide recently started up the first hydrogen fuel cell system on a remote site in Belgium. This fuel cell solution is an alternative power supply for telecom antennas in isolated locations, or which are difficult to connect to the power grid, while also reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Air Liquide acquires Hydrogen Generation Module technology from H2Gen Innovations
    In the US, Air Liquide has acquired the Hydrogen Generation Module (HGM) technology from Virginia-based H2Gen Innovations. The HGM technology is being acquired by two Air Liquide affiliates: Air Liquide Process & Construction Inc, and Air Liquide Industrial US LP.
  • Air Liquide adds Vancouver airport to Canadian hydrogen demonstration
    Vancouver International Airport is the second of two Canadian airports in a hydrogen and fuel cell demonstration project led by Air Liquide Canada. The Vancouver airport will deploy several hydrogen transportation technologies in shuttle buses, as well as passenger and utility vehicles provided by the Vancouver Airport Authority and Air Canada.


Terrajoule raises US$11.5 million for energy storage tech

Terrajoule has been funded US$11.5 million to develop energy storage technology that could yield a cost five times lower than today's batteries without degradation or cycle limitations over a 25-year system life.

Its investors include global venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Air Liquide Investments in the future And Demonstration (ALIAD), the capital development company of Air Liquide, and individual investors. 

"Terrajoule's energy storage solution removes a fundamental obstacle to the next few decades of sustainable energy growth worldwide," said Arno Penzias, NEA venture partner, Nobel Prize winner (Physics 1978) and Terrajoule advisor. "Since NEA's initial investment in 2009, the company has made outstanding technological progress, and we're excited to partner with Terrajoule in its next stage of growth." 

Terrajoule's technology can result in continuous, on-demand solar power generation, from 100 kW to 20 MW, with a payback compared to diesel-based off-grid and on-grid power. The company is targeting a number of applications in the industrial and agricultural sectors including distributed electricity production, especially in locations with electrical grids that are inadequate to support economic growth, and waste heat recovery to improve the efficiency of industrial operations. 


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