Renewable Energy Focus changes

This month we welcome Reginald Tucker – based out of Elsevier's New York office – who will become our US editor, with a remit to get to grips with the issues affecting renewable energy development Stateside.

Reg is an experienced and versatile business-to-business journalist and editor, who has covered sectors as diverse as manufacturing, process technologies, and the automotive industries.

Interestingly, many of the issues and challenges he has covered in these fields resonate with the renewable energy sector, so he has a head start in this regard, and I know he is looking forward to the challenge of growing our coverage of the US marketplace.

Indeed we threw him in at the deep end, sending him off to Retech 2013 in Washington. And he found out that it's not so much the technology or infrastructure requirements that are restricting greater investment in renewable energy programs in the US. Rather, industry observers say, inconsistencies in policy continue to hamper implementation. 

In other changes to our editorial team, Amanda Jacob has joined the team as a content development editor, responsible for helping drive the development of our digital – as well as social media presence (watch out for some exciting changes that Amanda will be implementing going forward…)

A focus on providing the kind of information that will keep readers ahead when it comes to renewables development – as well as inform readers’ decisions as they go about their business lives – is our aim.

Amongst other things we are looking at ways we can introduce readers of Renewable Energy Focus to some of the excellent research & development (R&D) content that our Publisher, Elsevier, produces.

Elsevier is at the forefront when it comes to publishing in the energy sector, and some of the titles we publish that reference renewables include The Journals of Energy Policy, Sustainable Energy Technology and Assessments and The Electricity Journal. Much of the research published in journals such as these is highly-relevant to all who have an interest in renewable energy: watch out for special access to some of this research in future issues of Renewable Energy Focus and on

In one final change, Gail Rajgor, who has had a really successful spell as managing editor since last year, will remain on the team as an editorial consultant, as well as continuing as a regular contributor, in the magazine and online.

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