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KGAL buys wind farm from WKN

WKN AG has sold the rights for the Dargies wind farm in France with an overall output of 12 MW to investment management firm KGAL Group, headquartered in Munich, Germany.

The farm comprises six Enercon E82-type turbines, each with an output of 2.0 MWs and a hub height of 78 m. The expected annual electricity production is about 30 gigawatt hours. Its commissioning is scheduled for July 2014, and it will provide more than 6,000 French households with green electricity.

The town of Dargies is situated in the Picardie region in the north of France. 

“Cooperation with the community and the property owners was excellent. The fact that there were no objections to the project from the citizens was rather unusual for the French market and therefore very pleasing,” said Udo Follrichs, senior vice president of sales & purchasing at WKN AG. “”This is a sign for us that we were able to optimally integrate the needs of the local citizens in the planning of the wind farm.” 

KGAL previously acquired the Hollige wind farm from WKN AG. 


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