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E.ON to repower Wales’ oldest wind farm

E.ON says that it is considering repowering Wales' oldest wind farm, Rhyd-y-Groes on Anglesey, after more than 20 years of generating electricity, may be repowered.

Owned by TGP Wind Limited, a joint venture between E.ON and Eurus Energy UK Ltd, the 24 turbine site near Amlwch, which became operational in 1992, has a maximum power output of 7.2MW. It is anticipated that the current turbines could be replaced with up to 20 modern turbines, capable of producing up to 18MW of renewable energy.

"While it's still early days we're hoping to replace the current turbines with modern turbines capable of producing more energy,” said Paul Hunt, consents manager at E.ON. “We will be conducting formal studies and hope to be a position to submit our planning proposals by spring 2014.
"We're keen that the new proposed wind farm will play a positive role in the community and we'll be working with residents and community groups to establish a Community Benefits Fund to support local projects, decisions on how to best spend the fund would be made by local representatives."

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