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German solar customers not told about storage

According to EuPD Research's latest research, a large majority of German end-users of PV products are not told about possible battery storage solutions.

According to EndcustomerMonitor 3.0 – The German PV market from an end customer perspective – Focus: Storage, “around just 20 percent of end customers were asked by installers if they wanted to combine their photovoltaic system with a solar storage solution. The exception to this rule were customers of IBC Solar, who were informed nearly twice as often about storage systems by their installers." says Dr Thomas Olbrecht, senior manager at EuPD Research

In terms of brand awareness of individual storage system manufacturers, the most well known of which was found to be Varta.

For the report, around 3000 PV system owners and potential buyers of residential systems across the whole of Germany were surveyed. Typically, owners of solar energy systems live in rural areas, half of the survey participants had a net household income of at least €3000, and half of them have at least reached the general qualification for university entrance.


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