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Geothermal plant commissioned in Australia

Packers Plus Energy Services Inc and its partner Geodynamics Limited have successfully completed a vertical geothermal well as part of the Geodynamics Innamincka Deeps Project in the Cooper Basin of South Australia.

The companies commissioned of the 1MWe Habanero pilot plant, producing Australia's first Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) generated power, in July.

Packers Plus worked closely with Geodynamics to design specialized Inferno completions equipment capable of withstanding 300°C (600°F) and 69 MPa (10,000 psi) pressure. This equipment is instrumental to the EGS process, which involves stimulating existing fractures in low-permeability, high-temperature rock to allow water to flow through and be superheated. 

"Packers Plus had successfully completed the Jolokia 1 geothermal well for Geodynamics in 2010, and we built on that expertise to deliver both the equipment and on-site services to ensure success with the Habanero 4 well," said Cameron Radtke, Packers Plus technical services manager, Eastern Hemisphere.


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