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  • Energy storage focus for Intersolar shows
    Intersolar North America runs from July 9–11 in San Francisco, and a dominant theme this year will be energy storage. In other developments the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) was launched by the Department of Energy in March and includes major US research universities.
  • Solar PV R&D: what are researchers working on?
    Part 1. As we approach Intersolar US in San Francisco next month, Renewable Energy Focus whets the appetite by looking back at some of our coverage of solar PV R&D over the past few months.
  • San Francisco plans major renewable electricity push
    Local Power Inc has received a 'Notice-To-Proceed' from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), to write several Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to deploy a minimum of 210 MW of distributed renewable and demand-side, in-city energy technologies by 2017 for the CleanPowerSF programme.
  • California awards $6.8m to construct four hydrogen vehicle fueling stations
    The California Air Resources Board has awarded $1.7 million to each of Mebtahi Station Services, San Francisco Airport, Shell Hydrogen and the University of California, Los Angeles to supplement their construction of hydrogen refueling stations. The new stations will serve the growing number of fuel cell vehicles on the road in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, and will double the amount of hydrogen available to the public.


Bid to build renewable energy generation facilities in San Francisco

Community leaders in San Francisco have put together a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) plan, CleanPowerSF, with the aim of building of local, renewable energy generation facilities in the city of San Francisco.

California’s first CCA was conceived in nearby Marin County by its energy authority and was primarily focused on the purchase of electricity from the grid. San Francisco will provide 100% renewable power from the grid, but lower costs to generate surplus revenues and focus on building local renewable power from day one.
This ‘In-City Buildout’ plan is different from an earlier focus on grid power procurement from the existing market, a strategy that allowed the City more control over the green house gas content of the electricity at a premium price, but would have been too expensive to afford the investment in local resources that would be needed to make the transition from distant supply-based generation to local renewable sources and efficiency.
A US$200 million has been projected for the CleanPowerSF programme in the near-term.
Locally generated clean power on a city-wide scale is a new kind of power which departs from the highly centralized model of traditional utilities, and requires Local Power’s proposed business model,” said Local Power founder and president Paul Fenn, who authored the nation’s original CCA laws. “Energy localization - local ownership, local renewable generation and energy efficiency, means that CleanPowerSF will take a behind-the-meter approach to energy service, and this is the essential leap required to stop imitating conventional supply side utilities.”
“Local Powder [has] proven that a US$1 billion investment in localization will deliver a US$600 million return in investment to the City over ten years - at rate parity for San Francisco consumers,” he added. 

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