Editorial Leader: Revolutionary time for the energy poor

By Gail Rajgor, Managing Editor, Renewable Energy Focus

ONE OF the things I really love about my job is seeing the amazing work taking place around the world to make other people’s lives better - in the May/June 2013 issue of Renewable Energy Focus I’m delighted to share that with you in all its glory.

The UN wants sustainable energy supplies for all by 2050. So do I - it’s one of the very reasons I came into this profession in fact. “What hope is there of achieving that goal when a third of the world’s population are still using kerosene lamps?” asks Julia Hawkins from the Ashden Awards on page 38. Well plenty it seems, if this year’s Ashden Award finalists (highlighted in Hawkin’s article running pages 38-41) are anything to go by.

What makes these finalists stand out is the way they are ... continue reading here

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