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Hager launches surge protection devices

Hager has launched type 1 + 2 surge protection devices (SPDs) that are designed to optimise arc extinction for both direct lightning strikes and for type 2 8/20 waveforms.

The device uses Spark Gap technology that has been further developed to limit follow current to a 500A peak to help minimise the problem of upstream MCBs or fuses tripping. It is also encapsulated to avoid any leakage current.

“Spark Gap technology has a number of advantages when compared to the alternative Varistor technology,” said Hager product manager Stephen Dyson. “While SPDs based on Varistor technology discharge impulse energy, the reality is that about two thirds of energy still flows through sensitive equipment for a short period of time. This has an obvious detrimental affect on that equipment.”

Hager’s type 1 + 2 surge protection devices have good energy co-ordination to help prevent damage to sensitive electronic equipment, with T1 + T2 + T3 protection up to 5m with a 12.5kA ms impulse current and T1 + T2 for greater than 5m. 

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