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Solaria Corp expands into China solar market

Solaria Corporation has begun building power plants in China, in order to meet increasing demand for large-scale solar projects.

“As China expands its deployment of solar energy, there is a big push toward increasing the efficiency and reliability of large-scale solar power plants,” said Solaria CEO Dan Shugar. “Solaria’s state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic module technology, reliable tracking systems, and expertise in large-scale project development will be of great value as China moves toward renewable power.”

Solaria is also establishing a high-volume modules manufacturing facility in China.

Solaria has already built many large-scale solar power plants in the US, Europe and Asia and plans to build several megawatt-size solar power plants in the Qinghai province and Inner Mongolia. One project under development is for CECEP Solar Technology Co Ltd, China's largest solar power plant investor and operator. Other power plants under construction are for GD Solar, a subsidiary of China Guodian Corporation, and Huanghe Hydropower, a subsidiary of China Power Investment Corporation, two of China’s largest utilities.

Solaria's PV modules can increase energy yield and provide reliable performance while matching form and fit of conventional modules. They can deliver up to 30% more energy than conventional fixed tilt systems. The Solaria STS-AZ module is a ground-mounted, single-axis vertical tracker that increases PV energy production while reducing design, installation and operating costs. The STS-AZ tracker’s use of materials, ease of procurement, installation, and reliability makes it a highly robust and cost-effective choice to maximize the ROI of solar projects.



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