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Hybrid generator cuts off-grid power cost and emissions

Firefly Solar, a solar-powered generators design and manufacture company, has launched its Cygnus Hybrid Power Generator (HPG).

Similar to hybrid car technology, the Cygnus HPG connects to diesel generators cutting fuel consumption by up to 30%, the company says. It manages base loads using power from its batteries before automatically switching to diesel as power requirements increase - this reduces the costs and environmental footprint of off-grid power generation. 

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the 12-24 kVA Cygnus HPG is compatible with all diesel generators and can be used to provide primary, standalone, stand by or emergency power. Firefly Solar’s generator can produce renewable electricity by integrating with solar PV and wind turbines, as well connect to the mains grid.

Running at low load, a typical 100 kVA will consume up to 10 litres of diesel per hour. When integrated with a Cygnus HPG, which uses a built-in intelligent load management system, the generator is automatically switched off and no diesel is required. This can save as much as 40,000 litres of fuel each year, paying back costs within 23 weeks, the firm says.

“With this new product we have dramatically increased battery storage, which means longer run times without the need to use a diesel generator,” said Andy Mead, founder & CEO, Firefly Solar. “What’s more the Cygnus HPG will integrate seamlessly with renewable power sources such as solar – providing a fully stand-alone power solution. So, whether you’re shooting a film, running a festival, on a building site or working remotely in disaster relief, it’s now easy to reduce your dependence on diesel and move towards a more sustainable source of power.”   

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