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Hoppecke and Truma partner for LPG fuel cell backup power systems

German companies Hoppecke and Truma have formed a partnership in grid-independent power supply systems, with Hoppecke using Truma fuel cells in its new ‘grid.systemizer’ backup power systems.

Hoppecke Batterien is partnering with Truma Gerätetechnik to cooperate in the field of grid-independent power supply systems. Hoppecke is using Truma fuel cells in its grid.systemizer backup power systems to generate electricity.

Hoppecke is a leading manufacturer of industrial batteries, charging devices, and energy systems, while Truma produces high-performance fuel cell systems that generate electric power from LPG (propane and/or butane).

Hoppecke is displaying a grid.systemizer backup system in the Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (Hall 27, Stand B70) at next week’s Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany.

The Truma VeGA fuel cell system converts LPG into hydrogen in a fuel processor (reformer), then generates electric power via an electrochemical reaction in a high-temperature PEM fuel cell.

This is a very clean power supply, with only a small quantity of CO2 produced (in addition to heat and water). The compact unit is ideal for customers seeking a space-saving device with an output of up to 250 W that uses widely available LPG.

The VeGA fuel cell system provides round-the-clock, reliable, mains-independent, environmentally friendly power whatever the weather conditions. It has an output of 250 W or 6 kWh per day.

LPG is a clean, readily available, and inexpensive fuel with a high volumetric energy. The technology is extremely efficient, quiet, and environmentally friendly – it can even be used in nature reserves.

These advantages and the low fuel consumption of the VeGA system mean that long operating times are possible. Depending on the specific application, efficiency can be improved, and personnel and maintenance costs reduced.

‘The partnership with Truma will enable Hoppecke to extend its product offering across the broad customer base,’ says Michael Entrup, Managing Director of Hoppecke’s Reserve Power Business Unit.

‘The fuel cells are one new component in Hoppecke’s strategy to expand into energy and energy management solutions,’ continues Entrup. ‘Our cooperation with Truma represents a continuation of the growth in developing and providing clean energy system solutions.’

Hoppecke Batterien is the largest European manufacturer of industrial battery systems. Its extensive product range of batteries and cells is complemented by state-of-the-art charging technologies and monitoring units to form whole systems.

Truma Gerätetechnik supplies heating and air-conditioning systems, gas and power supplies, and water comfort systems for motorhomes (recreational vehicles, RVs), caravans, and mobile applications. The company also manufactures LPG fuel cell systems for leisure vehicles, and now for industrial applications.

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