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Prototype efficient high-output GE wind turbine operational at European test site

The prototype of what GE claims is the world’s most efficient high-output wind turbine is now operational at a test site in Wieringermeer in the Netherlands. The GE 2.5-120 wind turbine offers higher power output, improves service productivity, and creates new revenue streams for customers.

The GE 2.5-120 wind turbine, announced in January, is GE’s first ‘brilliant’ wind turbine. It harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet to analyse tens of thousands of data points every second, which allows for management of variable wind sources to provide smooth, predictable power.

The wind turbine integrates energy storage and advanced forecasting algorithms while communicating seamlessly with neighbouring turbines, service technicians, and operators.

GE says that this is the first wind turbine to bring together world-class efficiency and power output at low-wind-speed sites. The 2.5-120 offers a 25 percent increase in efficiency and a 15 percent increase in power output compared to GE’s current model.

The turbine’s high efficiency and high output unlock higher returns for wind farm operators at sites with low wind speeds. The turbine’s advanced controls and 120 m rotor enable increased energy capture and greater power output in low-wind areas.

The taller tower, which has a maximum hub height of 139 m, makes it ideal for heavily forested regions in places like Europe and Canada.

GE has worked for the past decade with ECN, a Dutch independent research institute for renewable energy, to validate its newest technologies. The 2.5-120 prototype will be tested and validated in accordance with the highest GE and industry standards through autumn 2013.

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