Concentrix Solar achieves 25% system efficiency

Concentrix Solar has increased the system efficiency (AC) of its concentrator systems to 25%. This record was achieved using its new, CX-75 generation of modules.

The company reports that two weeks after a demonstration system went into operation in San Diego, USA, and also following the installation of new systems using CX-75 modules in Puertollano, Spain, system efficiencies (AC) of 25% were measured under full field operating conditions.

This effectively means that an output of over 6 kilowatts (kW) was generated under irradiation conditions of ca. 850 W/m² and with a tracker aperture area of 28.8 m² (301.4 ft²). Output can increase to almost 7 kW on a particularly sunny day, claims a source at Concentrix.

Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Andreas Gombert, is satisfied with the efficiency of the new systems. "The key factor for high system efficiency is very low module variability. All the modules must be identical. The results achieved with our fully-automated production line were even more consistent than expected." The new module generation CX-75 has an average efficiency of 27.2%, he adds. "The high efficiency achieved in San Diego also shows that concentrator PV systems, which only sustain one third of the energy loss of conventional silicon PV power plants, are ideal for locations with high ambient temperatures".


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