GEA International Geothermal Energy Finance Forum 2013 banks big-hitter speaker

Rohit Khanna, program manager of the World Bank’s Energy Sector Management Assistance Program, will deliver keynote remarks at the conference, to be held on April 11 at the Marriott Marquis New York.

According to the The Geothermal Energy Association which hosts the event, Geothermal energy has enjoyed significant growth in top markets all over the world, including the United States, Kenya, Indonesia, Turkey, Iceland, Japan, Nicaragua and Germany. As of May 2012, worldwide geothermal capacity was at approximate 11,224 MW of installed power, with the United States, the worldwide capacity leader, contributing 3,386 MW of installed capacity to the overall total.

The global geothermal market is on the upswing in 2013, and recent reports show an estimated 18.6 GW of geothermal power currently in development across 70 countries, accounting for US$100 billion in investment. Much of this development is being spearheaded by American companies, a number of whom will be represented at the International Geothermal Energy Finance Forum 2013.

According to the GEA, discussions at the Finance Forum will focus on issues such as geothermal project finance in the United States and abroad, geothermal project risk, and a worldwide geothermal development update.

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