The Switch 5 MW drive train packages now operating in Chinese offshore wind project

The installation of the 5 MW high-speed drive trains - for CSIC (Chongqing) Haizhuang Windpower Equipment Co., Ltd - was the company's first in China.

The turbines operate continuously at 5 MW, the highest power rating so far for The Switch.

According to the company, the new Haizhuang PMG5000 generators and FPC5000 converters have been designed especially for Haizhuang by integrating the latest technology and the 6 GW real-life wind power field experience of The Switch. The optimised drive trains, known as The Switch Drive, represent the highest power range that The Switch has commissioned to date.

The Switch PMGs and FPCs have been adapted to operate reliably in the harsh offshore environment for which they were specifically developed. The converter is installed inside the tower’s base floor, which is about 12 meters above sea level; the generator is installed in the nacelle.

The company claims that compared with a traditional double-fed induction generator (DFIG) drive train, The Switch PMG technology offers a higher annual energy production (AEP) rate and lower operations and maintenance costs. This makes it a "more ideal solution for offshore use, where maintenance costs are much higher than with onshore applications".

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