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New SolarMax outdoor solution for large-scale plants

Sputnik Engineering's new SolarMax 360 TS-SV central inverter and the TS-SV Compact Station, with a rated output power of 720kW, are, together, a cost effective complete solution for large PV power plants, the firm says.

The SolarMax central inverter 360TS-SV is a new version of the tried and tested 330TS-SV inverter, the Swiss inverter manufacturer says. Thanks to an increased minimum input voltage and greater output voltage, the 360TS-SV is able to provide a rated output power which is 30kW higher than that of the 330TS-SV.

Two 360TS-SVs can be installed easily, in a time and cost effective manner, on site using the new TS-SV Compact Station whose weight is significantly lower than that of a conventional concrete station, Sputnik adds. In this specification a 720TS-SV Compact Station provides a rated output power of 720kW. However, the station is also available as 660TS-SV Compact Station with two 330TS-SV inverters and a rated output power of 660kW.

?The TS-SV Compact Station has a compact housing and is provided to the plant manufacturer as a turn-key solution. With a total weight of less than three tons, the TS-SV Compact Station is easy to install and transport. Thanks to the rust-protected cable entry tray, a concrete foundation is not necessary. Two of these stations can be connected to the medium voltage mains via a plug&play facility using a compact transformer station.

Just like the 330TS-SV, the new 360TS-SV inverter also features flexible application options. Thanks to the modular design of the TS-SV series, it is possible to control and monitor up to four inverters or 1.44MW via a superior control and operating unit (Master Control Unit).

The 360TS-SV consists of three Power Units (each with 120kW) and can be operated either with one MPP tracker (single MPPT with partial-load optimization and error management) or with three independent MPP trackers (multi MPPT). The former is suitable for PV power plants with a homogeneous module array and limited shadowing. If the plant consists of different types of surfaces or if a part of the solar generator is shaded, three trackers in multi MPPT operation optimize the yield.

"We have optimized the parameters of the new 360TS-SV central inverter so as to achieve a higher rated output power. This means that fewer inverter stations are needed for the construction of a ground-mounted plant with megawatt capability resulting in reduced overall costs," explains Beat Greber, Senior Product Manager for SolarMax central inverters.

"In addition, the lower levels of AC current result in fewer losses which increases the efficiency of the inverters. The 360TS-SV has a European Efficiency of 97.4 percent. Combined with the new TS-SV Compact Station we provide a complete outdoor solution with an attractive price/performance ratio which can be installed quickly and easily."

A first project, of 38MW, is currently already under development in the UK. A total of 31 x 720TS-SV and 14 x 660TS-SV Compact Stations will be installed. In April, another 3.4MW project will be realied in Switzerland.

The TS-SV Compact Station and the 360TS-SV will be available generally as of spring 2013. 

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