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Italy’s Deliceto wind farm commissioned

A 24MW wind farm in the heel of Italy is now grid connected and operating, following the installation of 16 1.5MW turbines.

The Deliceto wind farm, located in the Apulia region of southern Italy, will now produce around 57 GWh of electricity annually for the domestic market.

The turbines for the wind farm were manufactured by Austrian manufacturer Leitwind, which was commissioned by the project’s developer, Elce Energia in 2012 to install its LTW80 gearless turbines at the site.

The wind turbines were built at Leitwind’s Telfs manufacturing facility in Austria, and installed in six months. 

“Leitwind was responsible for the transport, installation and commissioning of the wind farm. Furthermore, a full service contract for 15 years was finalised, which guarantees the customer efficient energy production and optimal technical availability”, said Leitwind’s CEO Anton Seeber.

“This order is of importance for the further development of renewable energy in this region. Moreover, the project creates new jobs in a region which has to deal with a high unemployment rate”, he added.

The Deliceto wind farm adds to the 40MW of wind energy capacity already installed by Leitwind in Apulia in the past years. Due to the favourable wind conditions, Apulia is “one of the leading wind energy areas” in Italy, the company added.

Leitwind is keen to point out its commitment to the Italian market – pointing to the additional five LTW77 1.5MW turbines it added in the autumn of 2012 to a six-turbine wind farm in Montecatini, Tuscany.

“Due to the ideal wind conditions at the site, the eleven LTW77 wind turbines, with total rated power of 16.5 MW, are efficiently producing clean energy in Tuscany,” the company said.

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