Lilliputian secures additional venture funding for micro fuel cells

Massachusetts-based Lilliputian Systems has secured an additional $28 million in venture funding. The company is developing the MEMS-based Personal Power™ solid oxide fuel cell solution for consumer electronic devices using its patented Silicon Power Cell™ technology.

A spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lilliputian Systems is developing an integrated, butane-fueled micro-SOFC and micro-reformer on a silicon chip based on technology licensed from MIT and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories.

The two new investors are Stata Venture Partners of Westwood, Massachusetts and Altira Group of Denver, Colorado, both of whom will join the board. Altira led the funding round with a $7.5 million investment. In addition, Argonaut Private Equity of Tulsa, Oklahoma has joined the investment group.

The technology is based on highly efficient SOFC and MEMS-based technology, and runs on high-energy fuels like butane. The company also has a method for manufacturing identification chips that are embedded in the fuel cartridges. The fuel cell technology is reliable, safe (approved for use on aircraft) and environmentally friendly, with the butane cartridges offering extended runtime and instant recharging.

Lilliputian has also added Ray Stata, co-founder and chairman of signal processing giant Analog Devices, to its board of directors.

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