Vision's Tyrano electric/hydrogen fuel cell truck passes performance testing

California-based Vision Industries Corporation has announced that its prototype zero-emission plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell Tyrano™ truck has completed the first two stages of performance testing at the LA Freightliner facilities in Whittier.

The second-stage testing consisted of payload and speed evaluations, with the truck drivetrain more than powerful enough for the full Class 8 heavy-duty truck rating for an 80,000 lb (36 tonne) vehicle. Performance testing will now continue with range and fuel efficiency evaluations.

Vision Industries is developing hydrogen fuel cell/plug-in electric powered vehicles, which combine the superior acceleration of a battery-powered electric vehicle with the extended range provided by a hydrogen fuel cell. The Vision vehicles use plug-in electricity for the first portion of their journeys, with the hydrogen fuel cell providing extended range. Vision has also created the Cheetah™, claimed to be the world’s first plug-in electric/hydrogen fuel cell powered supercar.

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