Top 5 stories: November

What were you all reading over the past month?

1. Options for Energy Storage part one

Part 1: There are more storage technologies than one may imagine. Batteries are the primary format, but other technologies are being developed, reports Joyce Laird.

2. Options for Energy Storage part two

Part 2: Energy storage doesn't just have to involve batteries, continues Joyce Laird.

3. Renewable energy to become world's second-largest power generation source by 2015, says IEA

The global energy map is changing “in dramatic fashion”, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said, as it launched the 2012 edition of its World Energy Outlook.

4. Wind turbine blade production – new products keep pace as scale increases

The wind energy industry is one of the fastest-growing consumers of fibre reinforced plastics in the world. Production challenges are compounded as the scale of wind turbines continues to climb. Blades, among the most complex parts to mould, now exceed 80 m in length and are getting longer. We report on new products and processes developed to meet the needs of utility-scale blade producers.

5. Six renewable energy sources judged to be best prospect for future, says report

The best prospects for large-scale renewable energy production and net-energy performance remain wind and certain forms of solar, according to a study released by two California-based think tanks.

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