AMI solid oxide fuel cells aid medical readiness training exercise in Caribbean

Michigan-based Adaptive Materials Inc (AMI) recently delivered five 25 W solid oxide fuel cell units to the Dominican Republic, for use in a medical readiness training exercise (MEDRETE). The AMI portable fuel cell systems provided reliable and critical power to infrastructure throughout the exercise.

Held at a Dominican Republic Naval base in Las Caldares, MEDRETE offered a free clinic in a remote, rural community. The solid oxide fuel cells from Adaptive Materials Inc provided power for every component required to create a completely mobile computer network, which is designed to create and store medical records.

The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency funded the AMI fuel cell development and demonstration, while the US Southern Command sponsored MEDRETE.

‘Given the limited power available in the region and at the naval base, the exercise would not have been as effective without Adaptive Materials,’ notes Dr Daniel McClary, president of IMG Surf LLC, the firm behind the technology used in the exercise.

California-based UltraCell also supplied several of its XX25 PEM fuel cell systems that successfully powered IMG Surf-designed modular recognition terminals during the humanitarian and civic assistance training exercise in Las Calderas.

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