Nuvera offers hybrid fuel cell unit for materials handling

Massachusetts-based Nuvera Fuel Cells has introduced the new PowerEdge™ line of hybrid fuel cell products, to replace standard lead-acid batteries in forklift trucks used in the materials handling industry.

The unit from Nuvera Fuel Cells comprises the PowerFlow hydrogen PEM fuel cell system; sealed, maintenance-free batteries; a means of storing compressed hydrogen; and computerized control. The unit also incorporates a counterweight, so it is not necessary to modify the forklift trucks. Unlike conventional motive batteries, PowerEdge stays in the truck and is refueled with hydrogen in two minutes or less, allowing operators to return to the floor and resume work quickly.

The hybrid fuel cell is refueled by PowerTap – Nuvera’s complete on-site hydrogen-generating and fast-fueling system that is designed to provide fuel at the lowest cost possible. In combination, PowerEdge and PowerTap make up the Total Power Solution (TPS) and, claims Nuvera, are the only purpose-built products available that are specifically matched to work together for applications in the materials handling industry.

PowerEdge comes equipped with automated controls and a remote monitoring system to enhance fleet management. Nuvera says that PowerEdge increases the productivity of a forklift truck fleet by eliminating time-consuming battery changes, and by ensuring that a constant voltage is maintained for the vehicle. This combination affords an attractive return-on-investment to qualified fleets.

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