Denmark publishes plan for promoting electric, hydrogen, fuel cell cars

Ambitious plans to promote the use of electric and hydrogen powered cars have been published in Denmark by the country’s Conservative People’s Party and the Municipality of Copenhagen.

The Conservatives’ new energy plan suggests a continuation of the present registration tax exemption on electric and hydrogen cars through 2015, thus avoiding the normal taxation of up to 180% of the base price of a car. The plan also calls for strong investments in hydrogen refueling stations, allowing for all new cars sold in Denmark in 2025 to be powered only by electricity or hydrogen.

The plan also says that the annual national support for research, development and demonstration of new energy technologies should be doubled, from €67 million to €134 million. This would include support for fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen refueling stations; about one-third of this annual public funding in the past has been spent on hydrogen and fuel cells.

The political plans continue and significantly support the strong efforts of the Hydrogen Link Denmark association, as well as the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership, to ensure that the region is one of the first in the world where hydrogen fuel cell cars are introduced to the market. Hydrogen Link is working to advance the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in combination with batteries for transportation in Denmark.

Four hydrogen refueling stations and around 20 vehicles are currently in operation in Scandinavia. Ongoing activities should ensure that a further nine stations are established in the coming year, with another 50 vehicles on the road.

Earlier this year the Municipality of Copenhagen signed a contract covering the supply of 15 fuel cell vehicles to go into operation following the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15), which is being held in the city in December, together with plans for a hydrogen refueling station.

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