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Kyocera supplies solar power systems to Tajikistan

Teaming up with Marubeni Corporation and Marubeni Protechs Corporation, the company supplied 160kW of solar power systems to medical facilities in Tajikistan.

The solar power equipment was supplied to the Diakov Hospital and Research Institution of Obstetrics Gynecology and Perinatologyin Dushanbe, the capital city of the Republic of Tajikistan. Comprised of 768 Kyocera 210W solar modules, the project is Kyocera’s first in the country and Tajikistan’s first grid-connected solar project. Approximately 196MWh of electricity will be generated by the modules annually.

Funding for the project has come from the Japanese government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) to help raise power generation capacity and diversify energy sources in Tajikistan. Since 1984 Kyocera has been involved in approximately 40 projects under the Japanese ODA scheme, supplying more than 3MW of solar systems to countries in Asia and Africa. 

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