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Kroll Crane A/S takes a share of Clean Wind Energy Tower

The company will also supply cranes to help develop CWET's Downdraft Tower project

American firm Clean Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (CWET) has announced that Denmark’s Kroll Cranes A/S and Tower Cranes of America, Inc. have each acquired 1 million shares of CWET stock and are committed to supporting the development of the largest Downdraft Tower in the world utilising Kroll's cranes.

“Kroll Cranes is a key component in the development and construction of the CWET Downdraft Tower” said Ronald W. Pickett, the President and CEO of CWET, adding that the company’s relationship with Kroll will enable the construction of large ‘Downdraft Towers’ which CWET says can operate with virtually no carbon footprint, fuel consumption or residual waste.

N.P. Sorensen, Technical Sales Manager of Kroll Cranes A/S, confirmed that the company is a keen supporter of the CWET project. CWET anticipates being able to supply enough electricity for up to 1 million homes from each Downdraft Tower via export to the national grid. Each tower will be able to generate 1,200 megawatt hours of electricity which could in turn generate in excess of $700 million annually in power sales.

The company is also hoping to establish relationships with power companies outside the US in order to propagate Downdraft Towers across the globe and thus help to meet increasing global demand for clean water and electricity.  

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