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Ingeteam develops inverter to manage energy storage at solar PV power plants

The Ingecon EMS Plants, a new inverter concept for batteries, has been designed for large-scale solar PV plants and successfully tested at Acciona in Tudela (Navarre - Spain).

The product makes it possible to integrate PV generation with energy storage in batteries, says Ingeteam, which specialises in electrical engineering and the development of frequency converters, motors, generators and control systems for the energy sector. "As its major achievement, the new Ingecon EMS Plants provides greater stability to the public grid, by smoothing out the fluctuations in output power at the plant, which can be as great as 80%/min and which are a result of solar irradiation changes (generally caused by clouds)."

The inverter can be adapted to suit all types of projects. It will be available for indoor and outdoor installation and offering two different topologies. In the integrated topology (500-600kW),  the PV inverter and the battery manager are combined in a single piece of equipment. The distributed topology (700-1000kW) features an inverter exclusively dedicated to the management of the storage system and must therefore be accompanied by PV inverters.

The range is completed with the Ingecon EMS Home, 2.4-6 kW single phase inverters for battery management, designed for residential applications. "This product line is particularly recommended for facilitating the implementation of on-site consumption systems," says Ingeteam. To date, the company has supplied more than 3GWp to its customers.

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