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Japan Railway Group chooses Siliken as its solar PV supplier

Siliken will provide its solar modules to Kyushu Railway, one of the new companies within the Japan Railway Group.

The project will start with the completion of a 2MW solar PV park provided by Siliken and two other international solar companies. Construction of the park began in July on the island of Kyushu, Japan, and is expected to finish in March 2013 with the aim of providing electricity to the station at Miyakonojo which sees more than a thousand passengers a day. 

“Countries like Japan and Australia hit growth levels of close to 100% as a result of demand increases, thanks to government subsidies to foment the use of renewable energy” said Ugo Portillo, Director of Siliken’s Asia-Pacific Region.

Siliken says it has moved into the Asian market in response to growing demand in the region and will manage orders in Japan from its office in Tokyo.  

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