DuPont launches Nafion XL MEA for PEM fuel cells

US-based DuPont Fuel Cells has announced the commercial availability of DuPont Nafion XL membrane-electrode assemblies. These MEAs are based on an extended-life, reinforced membrane that combines the advantages of mechanical reinforcement with enhanced chemical stability, enabling improved membrane durability.

The new MEAs were unveiled at the recent Hannover Messe trade fair in Germany.

‘The primary focus of DuPont Fuel Cells is squarely in the catalyst-coated membrane and membrane-electrode assembly business,’ says John Colven, the firm’s global business manager. ‘DuPont has a combination of stable electrochemistry, fluoropolymer/ionomer expertise, and global mass production scalability.’

He adds that DuPont Fuel Cells is the only MEA manufacturer with these three critical elements in place today. ‘We are uniquely positioned to increase manufacturing efficiency to meet industry cost-of-ownership goals,’ he says. ‘We’re hoping this will help speed the adoption of fuel cells.’

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