SDE Israel signs agreement for wave power plants along Indian coast

Alongside the Indian government, SDE will work with organisations such as the Indian Energy Development Agency, the Electricity Regulation Committee ( MERC ) and the Electric Company of India PTC amongst others.

As part of the project, SDE Israel says it wants to create a string of partnerships with Indian companies including among the Indian automobile industry. The intention, it says, is to create wave power plants with a total capacity of 100 MW.

SDE says it has developed a unique sea wave power plant for generating electricity from wave power at a cost of only two cents per kWh: "Essentially it consists of a series of buoys positioned on top of a breakwater which moves up and down with the motion of the waves. This generates hydraulic pressure which is then transformed into electricity", a company information source said.

SDE reports that it has built 11 models of sea wave power plants, including one model currently deployed in China. A second model is being currently being constructed in Israel.


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