New IEA-RETD project aims to improve image of renewables

Project RE Communicate will guide governments on how to use communications effectively to improve the general public’s perception towards renewable energy.

The project has been commissioned by the IEA-RETD, a technology cross-cutting and policy-focussed platform aimed at accelerating the deployment of renewables.

IEA-RETD has assembled a project team of International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), international think tank Green Budget Germany, and global renewable energy communications agency Collings & Monney. The consortium has in-depth experience with developing and analysing communications strategies, renewable energy policy and facilitating dialogues and peer-learning among policy-makers in an international environment.

“The increased deployment of renewable energy technologies has created debate around the impacts, costs and effectiveness of renewable energy” said Jonathan Collings. “While debate around energy policies is to be welcomed, much of the public discourse is marred by misunderstanding and misinformation".

The project will be focused on four specific objectives:

  • to document examples of successful communications activities conducted by RETD member countries;
  • to summarise experiences from other sectors comparable to renewable energy;
  • to provide opportunities for policy-makers to share experience with one another, as well as to draw on the expertise of communications professionals and the broader renewable energy community;
  • identify conclusions and recommendations on how IEA RETD member countries can best reach target audiences with different communications mediums, and how this can be supported by the IEA RETD.

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