Vestas launches new turbine with structural shell blade design

The new V126-3.0 MW turbine is the latest variant of the 3 MW platform on which the V112-3.0 MW is built.

The new Vestas turbine has a rotor diameter of 126 metres to target low wind conditions (i.e. wind class IEC III) and features a structural shell blade design.

The innovative V126-3.0 MW turbine is mainly targeting the European markets. In August 2010, Vestas released the first turbine in its new 3 MW platform, the V112-3.0 MW turbine, and the company reports orders of more than 3 GW since the release.

“The rotor swept area of the new V126-3.0 MW wind turbine has been increased by 27 per cent and the turbine is specifically designed to yield maximum power production on low wind sites” said Anders Vedel, Executive Vice President, Turbines R&D. “Furthermore, the structural shell blade design halves the investment required in new production lines.”

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