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BOC Hymera fuel cell technology approved by Network Rail in UK

Network Rail in the UK has endorsed the Hymera suite of hydrogen fuel cell based products from industrial gases giant BOC, for use across the UK rail network.

The BOC Hymera hydrogen PEM fuel cell generates clean electric power, without the carbon or particulate emissions produced by conventional petrol- or diesel-powered generators. Its virtually silent operation is important for work at night or in built-up areas.

Developed by BOC – a member of The Linde Group – with off-grid applications in mind, the Hymera fuel cell technology is particularly suited to remote or difficult-to-access locations. Its light weight, even with the associated 54-ZH portable hydrogen fuel cylinder, means that it is less cumbersome than conventional generators, which is important where easy access is an issue.

Another major benefit of the Hymera fuel cell generator is that it is engineered to work with today’s high-efficiency technologies, such as low-energy lighting. Diesel- and petrol-powered generators are notoriously inefficient at part-load – Hymera uses fuel more efficiently and with much less waste.

Higher energy loads, like power tools, mixers etc., can still be serviced with Hymera, using the PowerPack developed for it. A DC version is also available.

The specific products approved for use by Network Rail include the BOC Hymera hydrogen fuel cell generator and supporting 54-ZH lightweight hydrogen cylinder, for applications such as LED lighting, security cameras, backup power, and communications.

Also approved is a twin LED lighting rig intended for use with the BOC Hymera, which gives an output similar to 2 × 400 W halogen lights but is much more resilient and operates at a lower temperature. The BOC PowerPack, a high-power battery inverter capable of driving tools such as 9-inch angle grinders and bandsaws, is also validated.

‘The switch to a low-carbon, sustainable economy can only happen when the tools are available for industry to do its job,’ comments Stewart Dow, BOC’s Packaged Energy Manager. ‘Hymera is a vivid example of a system designed to carry out specific tasks using today’s technologies while creating zero emissions.’

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