Joint initiative launched to develop Germany’s green economy

Annette Schavan, Federal Minister of Research, and Peter Altmaier, Federal Minister of Environment have invited 450 experts to discuss how market instruments could be used to achieve sustainable production, pricing and consumption.

The program will kick off with a a two-day conference, organised by the BMU, in Berlin, and the ministers hope that this will mark the first step towards a research programme intended to make the German economy more resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and socially inclusive.

“The way we live and conduct our economic activities has an enormous impact on our environment. That is why we want to provide society with a guideline for action to effectively address the challenges posed by climate change and the scarcity of energy and resources” Annette Schavan said. “By means of a green economy, we are pursuing the aim of one day interlinking sustainable approaches from production to corporate management to consumption and recycling in a single system.”

Peter Altmaier, who also spoke at HusumWind 2012, added that the process of greening the German economy is actually at a very advanced stage with lower emissions and less energy consumption. “Opportunities on the market are enormous: energy and resource efficiency are increasingly becoming a competitive factor; environmental and efficiency technologies are drivers of growth along the entire industrial value added chain” he said.


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