MTI Micro unveils OEM developer program for Mobion micro fuel cell platform

US-based MTI MicroFuel Cells, which has developed the Mobion portable power solution, has launched a Mobion Developers program for qualified original equipment manufacturers. The program will provide engineers and product designers at qualified OEMs with a Mobion Developers Kit, including a direct methanol fuel cell prototype, and the tools and information for them to evaluate and quickly understand how to integrate and use the Mobion platform in their product development efforts.

The Mobion Developers program expands on MTI Micro’s current collaboration agreements with major consumer and industrial OEMs across the US, Asia and Europe. The objective is to spur innovation by allowing additional OEMs to better conceptualize, understand and create new products using the Mobion® platform.

The program enables OEMs to shorten their time-to-market with a fuel cell powered product, by accelerating the learning curve and cycle time associated with new technology. This also allows OEM design teams to engage in early collaborations with MTI Micro to further refine the core Mobion technology for specialized applications with the OEM.

The launch of this developers program is made possible by the level of maturity that MTI Micro has achieved in developing the Mobion platform, which consists of a core modular technology with the flexibility required for use with various manufacturers in a variety of industries. MTI Micro has also demonstrated a design for replaceable methanol cartridges in its latest prototype, announced at the end of last year, which facilitates the safe and convenient refueling of the Mobion fuel cell.

The Mobion Developers Kit will include a Mobion fuel cell system, a monitoring software package, an operation manual that provides step-by-step procedures, and design guideline material. Also included are compact removable methanol cartridges for use in the system, providing convenient and easy refueling to run and test the energy efficiency of the product. The kit also provides valuable access to MTI Micro’s expert engineering support team to assist in the design and testing of this grid-free power solution. The software package provided allows OEMs to monitor performance, and see how the fuel cell operates.

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