Vela Solaris launches online version of its simulation software

The company’s Polysun software can simulate solar PV, solar thermal and heat pump systems, and can also simulate hybrid systems such as PV with heat pumps.

Such ‘cloud’ computing is becoming increasingly widely used in many different sectors, and Polysun allows users to simulate solar PV, solar hot water systems, as well as systems that include the use of heat pumps. And according to Vela Solaris, the system can also predict the performance of hybrid systems, allowing consumers the ability to examine the relationship between PV modules and solar thermal collectors (which many in the industry advocate as a viable solution), or to determine if installing a heat pump and a solar PV system is more sensible than combining the pump with a solar thermal system instead.

“In a mature market such as today’s, customers can no longer be persuaded with rule-of-thumb solutions” said Simon Geisshüsler from Vela Solaris AG. “Polysun Online reports show reliable, documented results, build trust and confidence with the customer and results in improved sales effectiveness.”

Vela Solaris develops simulation software for the renewable energy sector and has offices in the US and in Europe. Polysun has been on the market as a software tool since 1992 and was originally created at the Swiss Federal Institute for Solar Technology (SPF).



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