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Swiss first for Trina as it completes rooftop PV array

Trina Solar has completed the installation of a large PV array on the roof of the Sagewerke Christen AG production and storage complex in Luthern near Lucerne, Switzerland.

The 900kW array is the first large-scale installation in Switzerland to use the company’s Honey solar PV modules. In total, 3576 multicrystalline PC05A Honey solar modules, each rated at 260W, have been integrated into the roof, providing protection against the weather with waterproof aluminium plates ensuring a connection between each module.

The system has been delivering power to the sawmill since July. Annual output is 900MWh, enough to meet the electricity requirements of 300 households.

The project was developed by SunTechnics Fabrislar, based in Kusnacht. SunTechnics CEO Felix Maag said: “We teamed up with Trina Solar because their modules have an excellent degree of efficiency. The Swiss market has very particular requirements. Apart from high module output, qualities such as top performance in low-light conditions and a high snow load are key. Trina Solar products really stand out when it comes to meeting these requirements.”

Trina Solar subjects its products to snow load testing exposing the modules to 10,800 pascal of pressure (The IEC standard is for a maximum of 2400 pascal]. The Honey cell modules also feature a special surface texturing which helps to optimide light absorption even in low level daylight conditions.


Written by Robin Whitlock 

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