BASF launches new Celtec MEAs, Selectra catalysts for fuel cells

German-based BASF Fuel Cell GmbH took the opportunity to introduce an extended product range for fuel cell membrane-electrode assemblies and reformers at the recent Hannover Trade Fair.

BASF Fuel Cell’s Celtec® product line is a leading technology for high-temperature MEAs, utilized to provide competitive and reliable fuel cell systems. The new Celtec-P2100 MEA introduced in Hannover offers the improved long-term stability that is a key requirement of stationary combined heat and power systems.

It also showed the Selectra® catalysts product line, within which it has developed and commercialized precious metal catalysts for fuel cell electrodes under the Selectra-E brand. A recent development is the new Selectra-E-CRC series, high-performance catalysts for fuel cells that combine high activity with excellent long-term stability.

BASF Fuel Cell is a leading supplier of MEAs, fuel cell and reformer catalysts, and gas diffusion materials to the fuel cell industry. The company was created in early 2007 by merging the fuel cell activities of PEMEAS and Engelhard with those of BASF.

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