Medis hooks up with military suppliers Vitrociset, Fraser-Volpe for fuel cell power

US/Israel-based Medis Technologies has entered into an exclusive agreement with Italian defense company Vitrociset to develop and adapt Medis’ fuel cell technology for battery use in tactical man-pack radios, future soldier combat jackets and unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs) for the Italian military market. Medis has also partnered with the Pennsylvania-based military optics provider Fraser-Volpe, to develop its next generation of electro-optic systems powered by Medis fuel cell technology.

Medis Technologies will work closely with Vitrociset to develop the first of its kind, military-specific portable fuel cell powered solution. The companies will adapt the Medis direct liquid borohydride fuel cell technology to meet the equipment needs and overall weight limitations to optimize field mission time and solider safety.

Vitrociset is a leading Italian company for advanced electronics, information technology, UAVs and integrated logistics. The company also works with the Italian defense ministry for the supply of products and services specifically developed to cater to the technical, operational, logistics and administrative needs of all the country’s armed forces.

Meanwhile, Medis will work with Fraser-Volpe on the development of the next generation of the latter’s electro-optic systems, which will be powered by Medis fuel cell technology. Over the coming months, technical experts and scientists from both companies will collaborate on creating an integrated optical viewing and fuel cell capability solution.

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