Hydrogenics hydrogen vehicle fueling installations in Germany, France

Canadian-based Hydrogenics has announced the installation of two HySTAT™ electrolyzers in Europe for fueling station applications. In conjunction with Heliocentris Fuel Cells, a German fuel cell systems integrator, Hydrogenics has installed a hydrogen generating electrolyzer at a bus fueling station in Barth, Germany. The company has also installed an electrolyzer in Dunkirk, France for a similar hydrogen fueling application, working with German-based Schwelm.

In Barth, the Hydrogenics electrolyzer will be incorporated within a solar-assisted gas generation system, providing a zero-emission fueling solution for a bus also powered by Hydrogenics’ fuel cells, integrated by Heliocentris Fuel Cells within a full electric hybrid powertrain. While producing clean, renewable fuel, the gas generation system will simultaneously provide oxygen to increase the efficiency of a municipal water treatment facility, saving capital costs for an otherwise necessary extension of treatment capacity.

The Dunkirk fueling station, built in cooperation with Schwelm Anlagentechnik GmbH, is already operational, with buses running on a blend of hydrogen and natural gas. Dunkirk is the first city in France to have a public hydrogen station.

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